750 kW Gaseous Generator Features New G33.9L Engine



WAUKEHSA, Wis. – Generac Industrial Power’s experience and innovative technological advances in natural gas generators continues with its latest generator set. The new 750 kW generator is the company’s largest and most powerful gaseous generator to date.

The 750 kW design features Generac’s new G33.9L engine, developed from a proven diesel block. It combines Generac’s long-standing spark-ignited engine expertise with the robust fuel delivery and ignition systems of Motortech, which Generac acquired in 2017. The G33.9L is designed to deliver a larger displacement engine platform with high power density, optimized to perform in various demanding power system applications while providing a strong value proposition and performance.

Available in both a single-set (SG750) and modular power system (MPS, MG750) configurations, the 750 kW unit is U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certified for standby and demand-response applications. It is also available with EPA stationary non-emergency emissions certification.

The 750 kW generator features Generac’s new control panel platform, Power Zone. The Generac Power Zone controller makes interaction with a generator more intuitive. The controller is the first industrial gen-set control platform on the market with built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LAN and Webserver, putting monitoring and control within reach of any mobile device or PC with internet connectivity. The Power Zone provides instant access to generator and engine parameters, ensuring the unit is ready and available at a moment’s notice. The controller also regulates the MPS paralleling configurations.

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