A Contact System for Linear LED & Coplanar PCB Connections


Initially developed for off-road vehicle lighting, the new 70-9159 STRIPT linking BTB contact system delivers a size-to-performance ratio & current handling capabilities unmatched by existing BTB & WTB solutions, & at a lower cost than traditional insulat

FOUNTAIN INN, S.C. – AVX Corporation developed a cost-effective, ultra-high-reliability, three-piece STRIPT contact system for linear LED and coplanar PCB connections in off-road vehicle lighting applications. Designed to absorb broad end-to-end mating tolerances, handle up to 20A of continuous current, and exhibit robust resistance to extreme shock, vibration, and temperatures, the new 70-9159 Series linking board-to-board (BTB) contact system consists of two low-profile, single-position, and high-spring-force surface-mount C-clip contacts and a linking bridge contact. The system’s SMT C-clip contacts are made of made of fatigue-resistant phosphor bronze, have multiple spring-finger contact points that maintain high mating forces and ensure uninterrupted connections, and are only 2mm tall, allowing them to be placed close to LEDs without interference. Integral dimples on the bridge contact provide positive retention in the C-clip contacts to prevent it from backing out, and a centered tang prevents it from moving side to side.

This latest addition to AVX’s portfolio of UL-certified STRIPT solutions also delivers ultra-high-reliability performance in a lower profile and at a lower cost than traditional insulated connectors. No other BTB solution currently available on the market offers the same size-to-performance ratio or high current handling capabilities as the new 70-9159 STRIPT BTB linking contact system, and dual wire-to-board (WTB) connections would add both cost and labor, and would also struggle to meet the 20A rating.

The two single-position SMT C-clip phosphor bronze contacts and high-strength copper alloy linking bridge contact that comprise the 70-9159 STRIPT BTB linking contact system are lead-free and plated with matte-tin-over-nickel, and are rated for 300V, 20A, operating temperatures extending from -40°C to +125°C, and five durability cycles.

For more information about AVX’s new 70-9159 STRIPT BTB linking contact system for linear LED and coplanar PCB connections, please visit http://www.avx.com/products/connectors/board-to-board/coplanarlinear/linking-contact-system-btb-70-9159/.