A New Family of Compact, Half-Bridge Power Modules


flowPHASE 0 2nd generation - new baseplate-less power modules with a remarkably compact footprint--

Vincotech, a supplier of module-based solutions for power electronics, has added a new family of power modules to its portfolio of baseplate-less half-bridges ranging up to 1200V/ 150A and 600V/ 200A. flowPHASE 0 2nd generation enables you to downsize your design, select the optimum chipset from a wide range of readily available components, and still use the same PCB. With the new flowPHASE 0 2nd generation power modules Vincotech's portfolio of baseplate-less half-bridges now encompasses a new and remarkably compact line of products ranging from 50 to 150A and 75 to 200A for 1200 and 600V, respectively. Alongside the standard types with low saturation voltage, Vincotech also offers fast modules with 1200V/ 100A. This new addition to the flow 0 portfolio features a footprint with optimized power flows and enables low-inductance designs with best-in-class EMI performance. The overall portfolio of flow 0 half-bridges comprises ten different bases available in 66-by-33 mm housings measuring 12 and 17 mm in height, with a standard or an AlN DCB for improved thermal resistance. Optional solder or Press-fit pins enable cost-effective assembly. flowPHASE 0 2nd Generation is also available with pre-applied thermal interface material. This highly conductive, 3.4 W/mK material simplifies assembly and further improves thermal impedance. These modules are in serial production and samples are available now. www.vinchtech.com