Acal BFI offers Lantronix PermierWave XC hybrid GSM/GPRS serial-device server



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Acal BFI is offering first samples of the Lantronix PremierWave XC hybrid GSM/GPRS and Ethernet dual-port serial device server which enables remote management and control of virtually any serial device via a GSM/GPRS or Ethernet network. The combination of the Linux-based application server, with secure cellular communication, offers M2M applications the advantage of easy implementation, robust server functionality, and GPRS connectivity in an excellent value/performance package. Based on field-proven Lantronix server technology, PremierWave XC combines GSM/GPRS and Ethernet to provide reliable communication in applications without Ethernet or Wi-Fi infrastructure or for installations that use GSM/GPRS as backup to provide redundancy for Ethernet connectivity. The PremierWave XC features a dual serial port with speeds of up to 920 kbps and a unique design which enables fast and easy connectivity to virtually any device with a serial port, using the TCP or UDP protocols. A variety of robust data encryption and authentication options, via AES, SSH, and SSL, ensures enterprise-level security in the 850-, 900-, 1800-, and 1900-MHz frequency bands. Implementation is simplified by the use of powerful, industry-standard Web, CLI, XML management tools for device configuration and monitoring and an optional programming environment for custom applications. PremierWave XC will benefit applications such as telemetry, utilities, industrial automation, healthcare, digital signage, street lighting, and other wireless networks which require the combination of security and high performance. Acal BFi