Adesto Technologies introduces extended-voltage-range memory



Adesto Technologies, a leading provider of application-specific,
feature-rich, ultra-low power non-volatile memory products,
announced the launch of a new line of extended voltage range
(1.65V-4.4V Vcc) serial Flash memory products.

In 2014, Adesto introduced the world's first wide VCC 1.65V to 3.6V
serial flash products optimized for the IoT sector. Continuing this
tradition of leadership and smart design, the new "Fusion XV" family
further enhances and optimizes IoT, wearable, wireless sensors, and
other energy conscious applications. Adesto's Fusion XV serial Flash
memory brings together advanced features, such as ultra-deep power
down, active interrupt, and other energy saving capabilities, with a
new, extended voltage range. Extending the memory's operating voltage
range from 1.65V to 4.4V allows designers to meet the demands of the
latest chipsets and lithium polymer battery chemistries without
additional circuit complexity or overhead.

"Adesto is committed to enhance the value of our customers' products by
meeting their specific application needs," said Paul Hill, Director of
Product Marketing. "Designers now require external memory for
over-the-air update and data storage to supplement the embedded memory
of the chipset. They want to connect the chipset and external memory
directly to the battery without additional voltage regulation and
components. Adesto's Fusion XV memory provides this in a density,
performance and cost range that can't be met by conventional serial
flash or serial eeprom solutions today."

"Adesto's Fusion XV devices have a range of features that enhance the
system," he said. "By enabling the use of a single rail power supply,
Fusion XV provides the means to save additional component costs and
reduce the component footprint, while improving system efficiency and
energy consumption."

Fusion's small sector sizes and intelligent, active interrupt
capabilities provide hardware designers system energy saving options
not available in standard serial Flash devices. These features can
optimize battery-operation and extend battery life on devices such as
Bluetooth low energy (BLE) products, ZigBee, RF4CE, Z-Wave and other
Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct applications.

Fusion XV serial Flash products not only use less energy during
standard operation but also operate over the full Vcc range of the
battery and chipset-- maximizing on-board energy reserves. Products
supported by Adesto serial memory will continue to operate even when
the battery discharge voltage is as low as 1.65V -- further extending
battery life and device function.

To support System-in-Package (SIP) and Multi-Chip Module designs,
Fusion XV products are offered in 8-ball wafer level chip scale
packages, with a slim .35mm z-height. Standard package options also
include SOIC, UDFN and TSSOP packages.

Samples and production devices of the new Fusion XV products are
available now with standard lead times. At introduction, the new Fusion
XV product line includes 2 and 4-Mbit densities with industry-standard
page erase architecture. Products with 8, 16, and 32-Mbit densities are
scheduled for release in 2016. 

Adesto Technologies