ADI's Industry First Precision High-Temperature Instrumentation Amplifier



The industry's first precision instrumentation amplifier designed and manufactured specifically for high temperature applications was unveiled today by Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI), a world leader in semiconductors for high-performance signal processing applications and leading supplier of signal conditioning technology. The AD8229, 1.0-nV/?Hz high-temperature instrumentation amplifier is the only low-noise instrumentation amplifier guaranteed to perform at up to 210° C in the most extreme environments, such as down-hole oil drilling, jet engines and space exploration. ADI Fellow Moshe Gerstenhaber explains how the AD8229 meets the design challenges of high-temperature environments in this video: "The AD8229 is truly a breakthrough product for the oil exploration industry," said Jun Liu, General Manager of Qingdao Zitn Micro-electronics Co., Ltd. "It is not a retrofit of existing components. It was designed from the start for high-temperature environments. What this means to Zitn is that we will be able to operate our equipment longer with less repair time resulting in significant savings." Until today's announcement, designers were forced to meet the challenges of rugged, noisy high-temperature environments with components not specifically designed for high-temperature conditions or were designed to operate at lower commercial grade temperatures. Often the repair and survival rates on systems using commercial-grade components are substandard, making them costly to maintain and operate. The AD8229 is unique because it solves some of the most difficult problems faced by engineers designing electronics for extreme hot, harsh and hostile environments to greatly improve maintenance and operation lifecycle. The AD8229 instrumentation amplifier is best-in-class in all three performance categories for high-temperature applications, including CMRR (common mode rejection ratio), voltage offset and input noise. CMRR performance is 100 dB over the temperature range of 55° C to 210° C. The AD8229 input voltage offset varies by only 100-nV/°C over the entire temperate range. Input noise is 1.0-nV/?Hz making the amp ideal for sensors that read faint signals, such as those used in down-hole drilling, nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and gamma ray detection. Price Each Per 1,000 is $120. Please visit ADI at: