ADI's ultra-low-power boost regulator for energy harvesting systems touts efficiency



Analog Devices' ultra-low-power boost regulator for photovoltaic and thermoelectric energy harvesting systems is presented as the industry’s most efficient. The ADP5090 ultra-low-power boost regulator represents a significant leap forward in energy harvesting technology by delivering efficient conversion of the harvested power (as low as 10 uW) with sub-uW operational losses that stores the maximum amount of energy for future operation. Harnessing “indoor” ambient light as a viable power source has become a growing trend in wireless sensor network applications worldwide.


Key Features
Optimizes efficient conversion of harvested limited power down to 10 µW – 1-mW range with best in class sub-µW operation losses
Programmable maximum power point tracking with open circuit voltage sensing ensures most energy extracted from harvester
250-nA quiescent current in deep-sleep mode prolongs operation time with minimized loss of ambient energy
Integrated charge pump circuitry enables cold start at 380-mV input voltage with no energy on system node



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