ADLINK Teams with Intel to Realize AI Robotics at the Edge


ROScube-I combines exceptional I/O connectivity and ROS 2 software platform for faster, easier, and scalable development of AI-based robotics applications.

ADLINK Technology has launched the ROScube-I with Intel, providing a real-time ROS 2 robot controller for advanced robotic applications. The ADLINK ROScube-I Series is a ROS 2-enabled robotic controller based on Intel Xeon E, 9th Gen Intel Core i7/i3 and 8th Gen Intel Core i5 processors, and features exceptional I/O connectivity supporting a wide variety of sensors and actuators to meet the needs of a wide range of robotic applications. The ROScube-I supports an extension box for convenient functional and performance expansion with Intel VPU cards and the Intel Distribution of OpenVINO toolkit for computation of AI algorithms and inference.

Robotic systems based on the ROScube-I are supported by ADLINK’s Neuron SDK, our proprietary platform specifically designed for professional robotic applications such as autonomous mobile robots (AMR) and With the newly released ROS 2 Foxy Fitzroy (codename "foxy"), Neuron SDK customers can enjoy the benefits of long-term support (LTS), as well as ADLINK's quality-guaranteed services for ROScube.

The ROScube-I series features:

·         High-performance x86-64 mainstream architecture for ROS 2 development

·         Comprehensive I/O for connecting a wide range of devices

·         Real-time I/O for environmental sensors (CAN, GPIO, COM)

·         Real-time middleware for communication between software components and devices

·         Hypervisor for safe mission critical mission execution

·         Ruggedized, secure connectivity with locking USB ports

·         Optional RTOS such as VxWorks

Developers can easily use the ROScube-I Starter Kit or ROScube Pico Development Kit (powered by Intel Core, Celeron and Atom processors) to rapidly prototype algorithms and immediately deploy them to ADLINK’s NeuronBot ROS 2-based rapid robotic development kit for demonstration. This allows for fast improvement of AI models and acquisition of vision data to optimize operational decision-making. The NeuronBot also supports ADLINK's Neuron SDK to leverage the powerful open source ROS libraries and packages.

The ROScube-I Starter Kit features:

·         Embedded board with rich I/O interface

·         MXM graphics module support for accelerated AI computing

·         Compatibility with ROS/ROS 2

·         OpenVINO support

ROScube-I Starter Kit

The ROScube Pico Development Kit features:

·         Compatibility with Raspberry Pi 40-pin GPIO

·         Rich ROS open source applications

·         Compact size based on the SMARC form factor

 RSOcube Pico

The NeuronBot features:

·         Integrated vision, control, AI and motion modules

·         Rapid robotic development design

·         Support for powerful open source ROS libraries and packages

·         OpenVINO support


For more information, please visit ADLINK's website.