Advanced Energy Expands Family of All-in-One Capacitor Charging and Power Platforms for Medical Applications


Power supply for laser, IPL and electrosurgery systems saves size, weight and development time and enables faster patient treatment

Advanced Energy Expands Family of All-in-One Capacitor Charging and Power Platforms for Medical Applications

­Advanced Energy Industries, Inc. has announced the FlexiCharge FC2500, expanding its industry-leading portfolio of all-in-one, intelligent system power and capacitor charger platform that simplifies and speeds design of medical laser systems and electrosurgery applications such as Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Therapy and Pulsed Magnetic (PM) Therapy.

IPL and PM systems typically have capacitors in aesthetic and surgical lasers that are charged to high voltages and then discharged to generate high-current pulses. Traditionally, charging was provided by a separate power supply to the system power supply. Advanced Energy is the industry’s first and only company to deliver a single integrated platform for providing both the high-voltage inputs for capacitor charging and multiple output low-voltage AC-DC conversion for system electronics such as touch panels, pumps, cooling elements and other treatments. 

The FlexiCharge FC2500 combines high-voltage capacitor charging to 2.5 kJ with multiple-output, low-voltage AC-DC power up to 800 W and delivers constant power over charge voltages from 250 V to 1,000 V. This ensures faster charging at lower voltages, which enables shorter treatment times and increases the number of patients that can be treated. The use of a single power supply for capacitor charging and system power reduces application development times and complexity, reduces size and weight up to 30 percent, and simplifies compliance with safety and EMI standards.

“This latest addition to Advanced Energy’s revolutionary FlexiCharge series of capacitor chargers underscores our continued commitment to developing innovative solutions that meet the power and performance demands for next-generation laser, IPL and pulsed power systems,” said Shrinidhi Chandrasekharan, senior vice president of medical products at Advanced Energy. “With the introduction of FC2500, Advanced Energy continues its leadership in new technology and power solutions for medical applications - enabling faster time to market for medical OEMs.”
Designed for optimum flexibility, the FC2500 offers configuration and programming of outputs and charge voltages and allows connection of outputs in series and parallel to support higher voltages and currents. Intelligent analog and digital control via the PMBus with ‘set and forget’ features and storage capabilities, enable faster time-to-market for medical OEMs and can be used in the field to simplify system maintenance and servicing resulting in longer term reliability and reduced down time. 

The FC2500 is compliant with IEC60601-1 (3rd edition) and IEC60601-1-2 (4th edition).

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