Advanced Energy to showcase high-voltage power supplies for mass spectrometry at ASMS 2015



Advanced Energy Industries, a leader in precision power conversion, will present its expanded solutions at the 63rd annual ASMS conference on Mass Spectrometry and Applied Topics in St. Louis, MO. Sponsored by the American Society of Mass Spectrometry, this event is the largest mass spectrometry conference and exhibition in North America. Advanced Energy (AE), will spotlight its latest breakthroughs from their UltraVolt and HiTek high-voltage DC products that improve system performance for the mass spectrometry market.

Advanced Energy’s lineup of high-voltage products will include:

HiTek MSQ Series - Quad output (Dual Bipolar) Rail supply, ±400-±1.5kV, 85W, Lens, Quadrupole, X-Y Deflection
HiTek MSP Series - Bias supply, 1-15kV, 10W, 10mV, APCI, ESI, TOF, Lens, Gate, Quadrupole, X-Y Deflection, MCP, CEM
UltraVolt HVA, precision high-voltage amplifiers, unipolar (0 to 20 kV) and bipolar (0 to ±20 kV)
UltraVolt MicroSize, miniature, high-voltage power supplies, available 0 to 6 kV up to 6 W

“Our power supplies are versatile and easy to adapt to a variety of applications,” said Yuval Wasserman, president and chief executive officer of Advanced Energy. “The products at this year’s show should inspire industry leaders, regardless of end application, to push the envelope on innovation. What matters to customers in the high-voltage market is energy density, flexibility and modularity, and our UltraVolt and HiTek products provide these features across a wide range of voltages and power ranges.”

Advanced Energy, through its acquisition of UltraVolt, Inc., and HiTek Power last year, now offers a highly capable and broad range of high-voltage power supplies with standard and custom options—and greater choice from a single, world-class supplier. The combined high-voltage product line provides complete solutions for a range of end-user and OEM applications.

The ASMS (American Society of Mass Spectrometry) exhibition will take place at the America’s Center Convention Complex, May 31 – June 4. To learn more about AE's featured products, please visit booth #19.

Advanced Energy