Advanced Lighting Controls & Innovative LED Fixtures



(SHANGHAI) – I-Star Lighting continues to expand its product portfolio available in the North American market.

According to Melissa Chen, vice president of I-Star Lighting. “This year we are introducing a number of new LED drivers that enable our customers to develop more innovative and dynamic LED lighting systems.”

I-Star Lighting recently developed a number of innovative LED drivers and dimmers, including:

• A series of low profile linear LED drivers with a height of just 15mm. Available in a range of 8W to 40W, the drives are compatible with 0 – 10V/Triac/ELV dimmers.

• The Cube Series of LED drivers with a standard profile of 25.4mm, also available from 8W to 40W and compatible with with 0 – 10V/Triac/ELV dimmers.

• Tunable white LED drivers for stepless color temperature adjustment and dimming, with models using one or two wall dimmers for control, each available in a range from 30W to 50W.

• A series of switch-selectable LED drivers that enable installers to adjust five color temperature settings, three lumen output levels, and either 0-10V or Triac dimming, effectively delivering 30 different products (SKUs) in one.

• Bluetooth-enabled 0-10V converter modules for transmission and control applications, enabling users to implement wireless lighting control systems using standard 0-10V wall dimmers.

• A high-efficiency IP65-compliant 1500mA LED driver with constant current/0 – 10V dimming capability and 4kV surge protection.

In addition, the I-Star Lighting has developed new linear high bay LED lighting fixtures in 2-ft and 4-ft, designed to meet or exceed standard high-bay illumination requirements with a range of lighting output from 12,150lm to 32,400lm.

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