Advanced Power Electronics releases APE1723-HF-3 Buck DC/DC converter



APE1723-HF-3 200kHz 1A PWM buck DC/DC convertor

Advanced Power Electronics, a leading manufacturer of MOS power semiconductors for DC-DC power conversion applications, has introduced the APE1723-HF-3, a 200kHz 1A PWM buck DC/DC convertor with an adjustable output voltage range from 0.745V to 24V. The APE1723-HF-3 can drive a 1A load without an external transistor, saving considerable board real estate. Additionally, the APE1723-HF-3 operates at a fixed switching frequency of 200 kHz, enabling simpler filter components to be used in a design.

The external shutdown function of the APE1723-HF-3 is controlled with logic level signals, putting the device into its low-power standby mode. A further feature is internal compensation which provides feedback control for excellent line and load regulation, again without the need for additional external components. The device features thermal shutdown for protection against damage in the event of over-temperature operation and has current limit protection and short circuit protection to safeguard the output switch. Output voltage tolerance is guaranteed at ±3% under specified input voltage and output load conditions.

The APE1723-HF-3 is RoHS-compliant and completely BFR/halogen-free to meet current REACH environmental requirements. It is available in either an SO-8 or a 5-lead SOT-23 package.

Advanced Power Electronics