AEC-Q200 Compliant Dual-Choke Filter Inductor Series


New Model DR334A Line Filters Provide Superior Suppression of Common and Differential Mode Interference in Signal and Power Line Applications

Bourns, Inc., introduced the Model DR334A Line Filter Series. These current-compensated dual choke filter inductors feature higher current capability than typical standard signal line common mode chokes, as well as high stray inductance and differential mode noise rejection. These capabilities make the Model DR334A series ideal line filter solutions for consumer, industrial and other market power line applications,or in applications where power is transferred over signal lines. 

 The new Model DR334A series is available in a bifilar-wound configuration to reach higher common mode impedance, and a sector-wound configuration to reach higher differential mode impedance at high frequencies. Offered in a compact, low profile (height 3.6 mm) size and in a broad range of inductance ratings from 11 µH up to 4700 µH, Model DR334A line filters allow designers to set the filter curve best suited to their application.

The Model DR334A series is AEC-Q200 compliant with an extended operating temperature range of -40 to +135 °C and has a rated voltage up to 80 VDC. In addition, the closed and ferrite toroid core construction of Bourns’ latest line filter series delivers a more efficient and robust mechanical design.

More detailed product information can be found at Bourns.