AEC-Q200 Compliant High-Current Shielded Power Inductors


New series features high rated current, low radiation, low DC resistance, low buzz noise and wide operating temperature range

Bourns, Inc., introduced three new AEC-Q200 compliant high current shielded power inductor series. Helping to meet the high current density, high temperature and reliability requirements for power management and EMI filtering in a variety of consumer, industrial and telecom electronics applications, Bourns Model SRP1580CA, SRP1510CA and SRP1513CA inductors offer high current capacity, compact size, high operating frequency and a high operating temperature range.

The three new AEC-Q200 compliant inductor series are manufactured with flat wire and Bourns' uniquely formulated metal alloy powder core using a molded construction manufacturing process. This process enables a superior magnetically shielded construction that offers low DC resistance, high heating / saturation current, low buzz noise and excellent temperature stability for low magnetic field radiation. In addition, all of the new models are built with flat enameled coated wire with self-lead terminal for ultra-low DC resistance. Plus, the new high current shielded inductors have an operating temperature range of -55 to +155 °C, and are designed with the same 16.5 x 15.5 mm interchangeable footprint.

Additional company and product information is available at Bourns' site.