AEG Power Solutions extends inverter line with 1000V outdoor inverters for the Americas



AEG Power Solutions (AEG PS), a provider of power electronics for renewable energies, introduces two members of its inverter line for the Americas. The Protect PV.500 OD UL and Protect PV.630 OD UL are compact, high efficiency central solar inverters. They are both UL-certified, and are designed for American utility-scale applications on ground area installations in harsh outdoor environments. Also new, the TKS-P is a complete turnkey system based around the inverters, designed for utility-scale PV megawatt power plants. It is connected to the PV array on one side and to the transfer station on the other side, and can be put into operation immediately.

“The USA, and the Americas more generally, are important markets for AEG Power Solutions, and our Protect PV solar inverters provide UL certifications, superior availability and high efficiency for utility-size PV megawatt installations throughout the region,” says Enrique de la Cruz, President of Americas’ Region at AEG Power Solutions.

A key feature of the broad Protect PV inverter line is a power stack with advanced measuring and control technology enabling DC input voltages of up to 1000 VDC and peak efficiencies of 98.4%.

The inverters support a wide operating temperature range of -4˚F to +122˚F, while their light weight (3.638 lbs) and small dimensions (87 x 89 x 36 in) make them easier to transport, install, and service.

AEG PS’ broad line of compact outdoor units for PV power stations comprises durable, external, weatherproof metal housings and integrated, high-efficiency, solar central inverters. The highly effective proprietary cooling system provides optimal air circulation within the inverter. The enclosure of double-walled aluminum with a stainless steel plinth can easily be mounted on concrete foundations.

The turnkey solution TKS-P includes additional components such as transformers and medium-voltage switchgear, and is delivered to the installation site fully equipped and tested. TKS-P can come in the shape of two Protect PV outdoor inverters and communications equipment integrated on a skid with an outdoor MV transformer and switchgear; or as a walk-in metal shelter, which contains two Protect PV Indoor inverters, communications equipment, and external AC disconnects. The shelter is built on a skid with an MV transformer, and switchgear.

Both TKS-P solutions are available with advanced combiner boxes in the PV array field. The core units are fully integrated via communication and monitoring components to ensure smooth PV power plant operations.