AICC 0.40mm Board-to-Board Connector In Stock at TTI



TTI, Inc., announces the availability of BergStak 0.40mm Self-Alignment Board-to-Board Connectors from stock at TTI.

BergStak 0.40mm Self-Alignment Connectors come with a stack height of 3.50mm and 30 positions extendable from to 10 to 60 positions with 10 positions incremental. It has a unique self-alignment feature that supports blind mating, ensuring a reliable connection. The USCAR-2 compliant connector is also ideal for the automotive market. Typical applications include car camera, portable IoT, factory automation and patient monitoring. They are in stock and available today at TTI.

To learn more, visit BergStak 0.40mm Self-Alignment BtB Connector at TTI.