Aim-TTi extends CPX400 PowerFlex regulated laboratory power supplies



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The CPX400S is a 420 W power-supply unit with extremely compact dimensions, being only 107 mm wide (quarter rack width). Maximum output voltage is 60 V and maximum current 20 A subject to the 420 W power limit envelope. Range control buttons allow it to be configured as full PowerFlex, fixed range 60 V/7 A or 20 V/20 A, or any user-selected voltage/current combination. The power supply uses true analogue controls, but incorporates an S-Lock function which transfers control of voltage and current from the analogue controls to internal digital circuitry for stability and safety. The CPX400SP adds a full range of digital control interfaces for remote-control applications, along with duplicate power and sense terminals on the rear panel. RS-232, USB, GPIB and LAN (Ethernet) interfaces are all provided as standard. The LAN interface is compliant with LXI (LAN eXtensions for Instrumentation). As well as using minimum space in bench-top applications, these units offer high density for rack-mount use. Up to four single- or two dual-output units, or a combination of both, can be fitted into a single rack width.