Aisin demonstrates Human Error Monitoring System


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System to be integrated with group's future health and care products

Demonstration car equipped with Aisin's futuristic Intelligent Transport System technology.

Aisin Seiki Co, Ltd will exhibit its latest ITS (intelligent transport system) technology at the mid January 2013 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Among the highlights of the AISIN demonstration car is technology incorporated to protect the driver and ensure safe driving. Innovative features include:

  • Sensors buried inside the seat to monitor the driver's heart rate, breathing rhythm, and general body movements for signs of irregular behaviour.
  • An infra-red camera positioned on the steering column cover, monitors changes in the driver's facial expressions for attentiveness (face and eye gazing direction) and drowsiness (eye-opening measurements).
  • In addition Aisin Seiki is also developing novel technology for monitoring the driver's state of mind by measuring brain waves. If the system detects signs of irregular driving then the driver is given an audio warning accompanied by seat vibration.
  • If warnings are ignored then the Human Error Monitoring System automatically applies the brakes and guides the car to a stop on the hard shoulder or road side transmittingan SOS via the driver's smart phone.
The Aisin Human Error Monitoring System will in the future be integrated and synchronised with life and health care products produced by Aisin group companies to monitor driver's health—such as the quality of sleep and symptoms of flu— around the clock. Aisin Seiki Co Ltd