ALD unveils first high-precision quad P-Channel EPAD MOSFET array



Advanced Linear Devices, a design innovation leader in analog semiconductors, today announced the industry’s first high-precision quad P-Channel EPAD MOSFET array ALD310708A and ALD310708 designed for next-generation sensor circuits used in portable instruments. The devices enable revolutionary precision and low power operation in circuit designs for current mirrors, sources and oscillators that will greatly enhance the sensitivity and accuracy of portable test and detection equipment.

The P-Channel EPAD Enhancement Mode MOSFET Arrays are designed for the rapidly growing Internet of Things (IoT) platforms and backup power applications as well as a variety of other analog and digital electronic systems requiring ultra-precise sensing and detection abilities. These MOSFET arrays will allow highly precise circuitry needed to make portable instruments as precise and effective as much larger and more sophisticated laboratory instruments.

The A-Grade ALD310708A enables a gate threshold of -0.80V, which enables circuit designs with operating voltages as low as 0.80V. This ultra-precise grade offers a maximum offset voltage of 2 Millivolt, as opposed to the standard grade ALD310708, which has the same gate threshold but offers an offset voltage of 10 mV.

Engineers building current sources, current mirrors and oscillator circuits have been hindered in their efforts to enhance precision because they only had N-Channel EPAD MOSFETs available until now. ALD310708 P-Channel EPAD MOSFET arrays offer a level of exactness and versatility designed to unleash new avenues of circuit design.

These EPAD P-Channel MOSFET arrays will provide the ability to build 0.5 percent precision current mirrors and current sources without trimming circuitry. They will also offer:
• Low Tempco – Low Temperature Coefficient (Less than 50 ppm per degree-C) current mirrors and current sources.
• Exponential subthreshold operation for P-Channel enables use of exponential subthreshold operation in the circuit.
• Subthreshold operation enables nanoamp operating current, which in turn have nanowatts-power dissipating circuits. This enables circuits to operate in the nanoamp and nanowatt regions.

“The EPAD P-Channel MOSFET arrays were designed to enable the next generation in precision for portable instruments,” said Robert Chao, President and Founder of Advanced Linear Devices. “Designers wanting to produce a portable, hand-held instrument that is as accurate and as sensitive as those used in the laboratory will need these precision EPAD devices to offer the highly precise, ultra-low power operation that is required.”

Precision in current source circuit design is difficult without an accurately matched pair EPAD P-Channel device. Mismatches in gate thresholds make it necessary to accept a number of adjustments and design tradeoffs that add complexity and cost. With precision built into the MOSFET, designs can be streamlined and complexity can be reduced for very low voltage, low power digital and analog circuits.

P-channel MOSFETs drive innovations that enable IoT applications to expand capability. The precision level allows sensors to provide a greater degree of mission critical information for monitoring.

Quad P-Channel Enhancement Mode EPAD MOSFET Arrays ALD310708A/ALD310708 offer matched low gate threshold voltage exactly set at -0.80V, (+/-0.02V) making them ideally suited for small signal applications with operating voltages of 0.8V. It also enhances input/output signal range even for very low voltage operating environments.

Intended for low power and small signal applications, the new device can be used with ALD110808 EPAD N-Channel Precision Threshold devices to make complementary N channel and P channel MOSFET array based circuits.

Available in quad packages, the Precision Enhancement Mode P-Channel MOSFETS are made with ALD’s precision EPAD® technology.

Pricing and availability 
The ALD310708 P-Channel MOSFET family is available in industry standard 16-L SOIC packages. One thousand-piece pricing at Mouser or DigiKey beginning at $1.59 each.

Advanced Linear Devices