Allied Electronics Launches Products to Help During COVID-19



Allied Electronics & Automation is launching dedicated product pages for customers in the food and beverage, and medical and pharmaceutical industries to more quickly and easily find the specialized sensing, process control, connectivity, lubrication, cleaning, safety, test and inspection products needed to keep facilities operating to feed, hydrate and heal the world.

Essential ready-to-ship inventory found on Allied’s dedicated food and beverage industry hub – much of which is IP67/69K rated for wash-down protection – includes machine safety and guarding equipment, cable assemblies, wire management solutions, process controllers, lubricants, cleaners, a wide range of connectors and variety of essential sensors (photoelectric, proximity, pressure, temperature, vision, position and level).

For medical and pharmaceutical customers, Allied stocks a wide range of sensing technologies and brands tailored for use in manufacturing, packaging and healthcare environments, including sensing solutions for liquids and powders, pneumatics, power supplies and relays, safety controllers, machine guarding components, cable assemblies and connectors.

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, Allied has been a key part of the global supply chain for crucial industries, helping customers like Ventec, Setech, AIM Manufacturing, Peace Medical and many others maintain production and delivery of vital medical devices and supplies to end users.

With more than 3 million products from more than 300 suppliers, millions of product datasheets, tens of thousands of 360-degree high-resolution product images and 24/7 expert customer service available online, Allied helps engineers, purchasers, maintainers, fleet and facility managers, and inventors build, maintain and renew their machinery and technology.

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