Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Introduces First USB Type-C Load Switch



20V/5A bidirectional smart load switch with reverse blocking capability

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Limited (AOS) (Nasdaq: AOSL), a designer, developer and global supplier of a broad range of power semiconductors and power ICs, today introduced the AOZ1375, AOS’s first Type-C Power Delivery full-compliant power protection switch.  AOZ1375 is bidirectional current-limited load switch with reverse current blocking capability intended for applications that require circuit protections and soft start function. This device offers a best-in-class RDS(ON) (17.8mohm) in a thermally enhanced 3x3mm DFN package, making it an ideal solution for the latest notebooks, ultrabooks, desktops, monitors, dockings/dongles, and Thunderbolt/USB Type-C PD applications.

The new device operates from voltages between 3.4V and 23V, and features two power switch terminals, VINT and VBUS which are rated at 28V Absolute Maximum. This is a perfect protection load switch solution for battery charging using USB PD protocol. When used as a source switch, the internal current limiting circuit protects the supply from large load current. The back-to-back switch configuration blocks any leakage between VINT and VBUS pins when the device is disabled.

The AOZ1375 is fully programmable with comprehensive protections including soft start; short-circuit protection, thermal protection, over-current and over-voltage protection. Multiple operating voltages (5V/9V/15V/20V) with programmable over-voltage threshold make it fully compliant with USB PD 3.1 power profile.

“As the USB Type-C PD adoption  continues to rise in popularity in notebooks, ultrabooks, desktops, and wire connected devices, designers and users are looking for higher power, higher speed and higher performance solutions to support  this market trend,” said Kenny Hu, Power IC Marketing Manager at AOS. “The combination of low on-resistance, robust ESD and full programmable protections allow AOZ1375 to offer industry-leading performance, making it the ideal smart load switch for a variety of USB Type-C PD applications.”

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