Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Launches High Efficiency Low Voltage EZBuck™ DC-DC Regulator



Alpha and Omega Semiconductor (AOS) (Nasdaq: AOSL) expands its synchronous EZBuckTM portfolio with the introduction of its new low input voltage DC-DC step-down regulator. The AOZ1110 efficiently converts input voltages from 2.7V to 5.5V down to 0.8V, and delivers up to 4A of output current. AOS' new EZBuck product is optimized for powering the latest DSP, FPGA, and microcontroller chipsets which are widely used in advanced networking, telecommunications and computing systems that utilize fixed 3.3V and 5V supply rails. The AOZ1110 is designed for ease-of-use while also providing high performance and configurability. The product features a current mode PWM control architecture with a user selectable switching frequency of 500kHz or 1MHz. Additionally, the AOZ1110 is ceramic capacitor stable, and has a user programmable soft-start. Leveraging AOS' advanced packaging technology, the AOZ1110 integrates low on-resistance Trench MOSFETs that are optimized to reduce switching losses. As a result, AOZ1110 runs cool and achieves efficiencies up to 95%. "The AOZ1110 provides designers with a compact solution for point of load DC-DC conversion. Its high efficiency operation allows designers to meet their power consumption budgets, while its ease-of-use and flexibility allow for faster design times and time to market," said Alan Moore, Manager of Power IC Marketing at AOS. Pricing and Availability The AOZ1110 is housed in a 4mm x 4mm 24-pin QFN package. The product is available immediately with a unit price of US$1.95 for 1,000 piece quantities.