Alpha and Omega Semi's 1200V/1350V E-series IGBTs target soft-switching apps



E-series IGBT platform

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor, a designer, developer and
supplier of a broad range of power semiconductors and power ICs,
introduced the new E-series IGBT platform with the 1200V
AOK20B120E1 and 1350V AOK20B135E1. This new platform has been honed to
deliver exceptional performance by lower switching loss in
soft-switching home appliance applications such as induction cooking,
rice cookers and inverter-based microwave ovens.

The devices for the E-Series are built upon AOS's patent pending
AlphaIGBT technology platform, and feature best-in-class VCE(SAT)
and fast turn-off characteristics that reduce the power losses incurred
during conduction and switching. The high BVCES rating and rugged BV
performance allow for a larger resonant voltage safety margin to
prevent avalanche destruction from voltage transients. Moreover, EMI is
minimized as a result of very smooth turn-off current waveforms.

"Applications based on induction heating depend on high performance
IGBT solutions that help to raise system efficiency and offer long-term
reliability." said Dr. Brian Suh, Vice President of IGBT product line
at AOS. "The 1200V/1350V E-Series has been designed to offer both lower
VCE(SAT) and optimized turn-off switching performance."

Technical Highlights

-- 1200V/1350V IGBTs with freewheeling diode in a TO-247 package
-- Lowest turn-off delay time: less than 200ns
-- EOFF increase by the temperature (25degreesC vs. 150degreesC): less than
-- IC (100degreesC) = 20A
-- TJ(max) = 175degreesC
-- VCE(SAT) = 1.68V typ (AOK20B120E1)
-- VCE(SAT) = 1.8V typ (AOK20B135E1)

Pricing and Availability

The AOK20B120E1 and AOK20B135E1 are immediately available in production
quantities with a lead-time of 12-14 weeks. The unit price for 10,000
pieces of AOK20B120E1 and AOK20B135E1 is $1.82 and $1.72, respectively.

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor