ALPS Develops and Commences Mass Production of "SKSN Series" Mid-Mount Sidepush TACT Switch



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ALPS ELECTRIC EUROPE GmbH has developed the SKSN Series mid-mount TACT Switch™. The switch is highly reliable and suitable for a wide range of electronic equipment, from mobile devices like portable audio players and smartphones, to healthcare products such as blood glucose meters and pedometers. Mass production commences in November 2011. Mobile devices, as typified by portable audio players, mobile phones and smartphones, are becoming ever smaller and more diverse. Healthcare products like blood glucose meters, pedometers and thermometers, too, are increasingly commonplace in ordinary households due to growing health awareness. Switches for these products, as well as being compact and thin, have to be reliable. For example, they must be strong enough to withstand being dropped or other unexpected accidents, and they must be suitably protected from dust and dirt to enable use outdoors. ALPS developed the SKSN Series mid-mount Sidepush™ TACT Switch™, which has high strength and dust protection characteristics, for application in such mobile devices and healthcare products. The SKSN Series employs a mid-mount design for it to be mounted into a PCB cut-out. This restricts the height of the switch above the PCB to 1.35mm, contributing to creation of smaller and thinner end products. The mid-mount design also means the PCB provides support for the switch, thereby improving the strength of the mount in relation to the direction in which the switch is pressed. Additionally, being able to mount the switch directly onto a PCB removes the need for a flexible or sub PCB for connecting switch and PCB, thus contributing to cost reductions in end product design. Another feature is strong impact resistance in the case of a product being dropped, for example. This was achieved using Alps' proprietary simulation technology to disperse the load applied to each of the switch parts. Precision processing technology developed by Alps over the years was also applied to ensure consistent mechanical and electrical properties and solderability. In addition, a dust-proof design incorporating a unique sealed contact structure and an insulator realizes superior dust protection. The SKSN Series is thus compatible with many different usage scenarios for mobile devices and healthcare products. The stem is designed to directly press the dome spring of the switch contact, providing an excellent operating feel during use. A range of operating force settings ideal for various electronic devices is available. Features

  • Highly reliable mid-mount Sidepush™ TACT Switch™ with impact resistance and dust protection
  • Low profile with height of 1.35mm above the PCB.
  • High solder strength for impact resistance.
  • Dust protection for a reliable contact.
  • Excellent operating feel achieved with stem designed to directly press down the dome spring.
Principal Applications
  • Portable audio players, mobile phones and other mobile devices
  • Blood glucose meters and other healthcare equipment
  • Keyless entry systems
  • Side switches for other electronic equipment
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