ALPS Develops "RS08 Series" Compact Reflow Type Slide Potentiometer Compact Size with 8mm Stroke



ALPS ELECTRIC has completed development of its new "RS08 Series", a compact slide potentiometer for use in mobile devices for volume or screen brightness adjustment. Mass production commences in November this year. Recent models of compact audio players and headsets mostly feature button-type volume controls, which comprise thin switches small enough to be installed into devices like these that have limited space for components. However, the level of actual volume adjustment is defined within the device itself and depends on the number of times the button is pushed. Therefore the disadvantage of this type of control is that it is more difficult for the user to fine-tune and to establish the exact level of volume during the adjustment operation. This is also the case for mobile devices that require the adjustment of screen brightness. As an alternative to button-type controls, a slide lever might be used to adjust volume and brightness. For this kind of operation slide potentiometers are used. This method has the advantage that it allows the user to not only fine-tune adjustment, but to also establish the exact level of volume and brightness at a glance. Further, button-type controls require at least two switches for this kind of operation, while a slide operation only requires one slide potentiometer. This product was developed as a compact slide potentiometer suitable for volume and screen brightness adjustment in mobile devices. It boasts a size of no more than L 13.2mm × D 3.00mm × H 2.1mm - minimization of size having been achieved through newly developing the resistive elements printed on the glass epoxy circuit board and the small grommets connecting the terminals. Despite achieving this compact size, this slide potentiometer nevertheless maintains an 8mm stroke, ensuring a precise operating feeling for the user. As this slide potentiometer will be a key component, we have also enhanced the smoothness of the operating feeling by developing a new grease lubricant. Further, this product supports reflow soldering. Features

  • Compact slide potentiometer for adjusting volume, brightness and other preferences
  • Realization of compact size with 8mm stroke
  • Smooth operating feeling
  • Reflow solderable model
Principal Applications Control mechanism for adjusting volume, screen brightness and other preferences on mobile devices