ALPS Develops SCGD Series Push-Push Type microSIM Card Connector



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ALPS ELECTRIC has developed the SCGD Series of push-push type microSIM card connectors for use in smartphones, mobile phones, tablet PCs, and other mobile devices. Mass production will commence in October of this year. The new product will be exhibited at CEATEC JAPAN 2011 which is being held at Makuhari Messe in Chiba from October 4, 2011. Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs are becoming steadily smaller and more sophisticated. As these devices have started incorporating functions such as electronic money that require security, it has become essential to provide a mechanism for authenticating identity. SIM cards are currently used for this type of authentication in many devices and, as the devices become more sophisticated, there is a demand to reduce the power consumed by the components inside the device. Meanwhile, new developments such as the full-scale adoption of number portability for mobile phones and the introduction of SIM-lock free phones have added new ways of using these devices, including replacing a SIM card from device to device such as mobile phones or tablet PCs for different carriers. ALPS ELECTRIC has applied its accumulated connector mechanism technology to develop the SCGD Series of microSIM card connectors that allow the card to be inserted or removed with a simple push. The card connector also includes an internal detector switch that senses whether or not a card is inserted. Detection uses the "normal close" method whereby the circuit is broken when a card is inserted (the detector switch is off). This method reduces power consumption when the device is in use because no power is used for card detection once a card is inserted. The connector also takes advantage of ALPS ELECTRIC's stress analysis technology to incorporate a proprietary pin shape suitable for small and thin cards and a contact mechanism that maintains a suitable level of contact pressure. Also, high reliability is maintained by orienting the terminals that contact the card in the same direction as the card is inserted so that repeatedly inserting and removing a card does not cause the terminals to buckle. The connector can also be used with 8-pin microSIM cards. Features Development of a microSIM card connector designed for easy use and lower power consumption

  • Push-push type with simple operation
  • Normal close card detector switch reduces consumption of power for card detection
  • Can also be used with 8-pin microSIM cards
Principal Applications
  • Smartphones, mobile phones
  • Tablet PCs, notebook PCs
  • Other small mobile devices
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