ALPS Electric and ALPS Green Devices Announce GLMC Series Liqualloy Power Inductor



ALPS Green Devices has developed the "GLMC Series" Liqualloy™ Power Inductor to provide higher power source efficiency in such applications as DC/DC converters for notebook PCs and servers. Sample shipments of the "GLMC Series" will start in November this year and product sales will be conducted by ALPS Electric. Notebook PCs are becoming increasingly sophisticated, leading to higher power consumption. However, highly efficient power inductors are needed to balance improved processing capabilities with lower power consumption. Furthermore, power inductors are used in high-current battery drivers such as high performance tablet PCs as well as in devices requiring higher power efficiency such as servers, and thus the market for power inductors is expected to expand. In response, ALPS Green Devices has developed the industry's lowest loss*2 metal composite type power inductor "GLMC Series," adopting ALPS' proprietary metallic glass material Liqualloy™. Liqualloy™ is a metallic glass developed by ALPS Electric together with Tohoku University and features an irregular atomic arrangement like glass with soft magnetic properties. Liqualloy™ can be easily powderized and formed into various shapes. The "GLMC Series" adopts a metal composite structure where winding wire is integrally molded with magnetic material to realize a compact shape and support large electric current. Moreover, the "GLMC Series" achieved the industry's lowest DC resistance through design optimization of magnetic material and winding wire, becoming a low-heat-generating power inductor. Features Compact power inductor with low loss developed

  • Lowest loss in the industry due to ALPS' proprietary magnetic material Liqualloy™
  • Low DC resistance provides excellent low-heat-generating characteristics
  • Metal composite structure enables compact shape and support for large electric current
Principal Applications
  • DC/DC converters for notebooks, servers, game consoles, etc.
  • Power sources for POL (point of load: a backup power source on server substrates, etc.)
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