ALPS introduces Half-Mount Type Sidepush™ TACT Switch™ from the SKSL Series



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ALPS ELECTRIC EUROPE GmbH introduces the new SKSLLAE010, a half-mount type Sidepush™ TACT Switch™ suitable for use in personal computers, mobile phones, and associated peripherals. The surface-mountable switch is remarkable for its compact dimensions of 4.5mm x 2.6mm x 2.2mm (W x D x H) - the height above the PC board is only 1.6mm - and a long operating life of up to 600,000 cycles. It is rated for switching currents of 10μmA at 1VDC to a maximum of 50mA at 12VDC. It features operating forces of 1.6N. The operating temperature ranges from -30°C to +85°C. Other technical specifications of the SKSLLAE010 include a travel length of 0.15mm, a maximum initial contact resistance of 500m?, an insulation resistance of 100M? at 100VDC, and a voltage proof of 100VAC per minute. The switch is suitable for reflow soldering and is available in minimum packing units of 44,000 pieces. For automatic mounting, it is packaged on embossed tape with a width of 12mm.