ALPS: Power Switch with Encoder for White Goods



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ALPS ELECTRIC EUROPE GmbH introduces the SDDE series of power switches with built-in encoder for comfortable one-switch program control of washing machines, dryers, micro wave ovens, and IH cooking heaters. The horizontally actuated switches can be mounted directly on a circuit board. They combine an AC power switch and a DC detector switch with a mode selection function in a single package with dimensions of only 24mm x 24mm x 40mm (W x D x H). The switches are designed as dual-shaft models. The center plastic shaft serves as power switch. It has a length of 10mm and 6mm in diameter. The outside metal shaft with 12.8mm length and 10mm in diameter is for the encoder. The AC portion of the switch is configured for switching currents of 1A or 16A at 250VAC respectively. On the DC side, the SDDE series switches 20mA at 12VDC. The actuating travel of the switch amounts to 1.85mm. Zero standby power consumption is available by auto-off function with relay movement due to built-in both AC and DC contact in the push switch. The encoder features a long operating life of up to 30,000 rotational cycles. It is rated for voltages of 12VDC and has a maximum operating current of 0.1A. The encoder provides both pulse and absolute output signals. ALPS' accumulated know-how in precision press and processing technologies made it possible to combine switch and encoder in one single product, thus realizing space saving products. These new products ensure more design flexibility for set manufacturers, and help them to produce more compact devices. More information on the new product ALPS Electric Co., Ltd. ALPS Electric (Tokyo: 6770) is a leading global manufacturer of high-quality electronic components for mobile devices, home electronics, vehicles and industrial equipment. With the philosophy of "Perfecting the Art of Electronics" ALPS Electric supplies over 40,000 different components to about 2,000 companies all over the world. For more information, visit