Altera joins the System Management Interface Forum and becomes a PMBus adopter



Altera, a leading provider of programmable logic devices, has joined the System Management Interface Forum (SMIF) and has become a PMBus adopter to support the company’s Enpirion® power management solutions and products. By adopting the PMBus power-compliant industry standards, Altera joins other member companies who seek to assure that their product portfolio aids system designers by providing true interoperability, reducing system design complexity, and shortening product time to market.

The PMBus™ (Power System Management Protocol Specification) was created to provide a standardized method of communication to power conversion and power management devices. The PMBus standard has been adopted quickly in major market segments due to its flexibility and robustness. PMBus is easily implemented as it layers upon the SMBus™ transport protocol that is also defined by SMIF.

“Altera is proud to become a PMBus Adopter and recognizes that addressing the industry’s ever-growing power challenges relies on innovative approaches at the system level, not individual components,” said Benoit Herve, director of product planning for the Power business unit at Altera. “PMBus is a key enabler for optimized system solutions, which can use the capability of Altera’s FPGA and power delivery components for efficient and intelligent power management.”