Alternative energy session at APEC to focus on high-penetration issues



The Power Sources Manufacturers Association (PSMA) Alternative Energy Committee is sponsoring an Industry Session at APEC 2016 titled, “Alternative Energy in High Penetration Areas.” Its goal is to provide a broad overview of the challenges faced by the renewable energy industry as alternative energy sources increasingly penetrate the existing electrical energy grid. The session will take place from 8:30 a.m. to 10:10 a.m. on Wednesday, March 23, 2016, at the Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center in Long Beach, California.

The Alternative Energy Industry Session (IS08) will feature four invited speakers who have been chosen to provide different perspectives on this timely and important renewable energy topic. These include industry experts from the California Energy Commission, the California Public Utilities Commission and a power utility company, as well as a representative from an industry compliance entity.

Co-chairs of the Alternative Energy Industry Session are John McManus, a retired investment banker and technical consultant, and Michael Harrison of Enphase Energy. They encourage attendees to participate in the session to explore how renewable energy is penetrating the grid through the advancement of power electronics design. The co-chairs urge power electronics professionals to register for the upcoming APEC 2016 conference, to make plans to attend the Industry Session on Alternative Energy, and to consider participating in the other PSMA-sponsored meetings during the week.

PSMA Alternative Energy Committee Meeting Notice

Interested individuals are also invited to participate in the PSMA Alternative Energy Committee meeting on Wednesday March 23rd from 1:00 -3:00 p.m. in the Hyatt room Regency E to plan the committee program for the coming year.