Aluminum Caps Ideal for the Lowest Profile Circuits



Fort Worth, Texas – TTI, Inc. is now offering the THA and THAS series aluminum electrolytic capacitors from Cornell Dubilier (CDE).

The CDE THA/THAS Thinpacks offer the highest energy density available in a low profile aluminum electrolytic cap. They are ideal for the lowest profile circuits where high capacitance is needed for bulk storage. In most applications, there will be significant cost, weight and space savings vs. comparably rated banks of SMT or axial caps with alternate technologies.

The THA ThinPack is only 8.2mm thin, has a 3,000-hour life at 85 °C. The THAS ThinPack is 9.0mm (adds a stainless steel wrap-around sleeve) and has a 3,000-hour life at 105 °C. Values from 140 µF @ 450 Vdc to 18,000 µF @ 10 Vdc, with 72 capacitance/voltage combinations are available for each series. 

Potential applications include any circuits that require high capacitance bulk storage and filtering in a low-height profile.  This includes: tablets, laptops, instrumentation, commercial-grade LED driver modules, compact power supplies, drones and RPVs, set-top boxes, 1U rack-mounted devices and other thin, high-performance devices.

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