Amantys' high-isolation DC-DC converter empowers high-voltage gate drive applications



High-isolation DC-DC converter to power high voltage gate drives

Amantys Power Electronics has launched a high-isolation DC-DC converter to power high voltage gate drives for 4500V and 6500V IGBT modules. The DC-DC converter is designed to comply with international standards, including EN 50155 for railway applications and IEC 61800-5-1 for variable speed motor drives.

The DC-DC converter can accept a 15V or 24V input voltage and has an output power of up to 15W making it suitable for driving several gate drives in parallel. It features low quiescent current of 50mA and a maximum output current of 1100mA. The DC-DC converter provides a minimum of 12kVrms working voltage isolation.

The robust design can operate over -40ºC to +85ºC and has protection features for: input reverse polarity; input overvoltage; output short circuit; and output overload. The protection features are complemented by a status LEDs that indicate DC-DC operation and fault conditions.

The DC-DC converter can be used in applications such as railway traction, HVDC infrastructure and medium voltage motor drives.

Amantys Power Electronics