Amantys' Power Insight Configurator speeds up converter power stack test



Power Insight Configurator

Amantys Power Electronics has launched the Power Insight Configurator, a software tool that provides an easy to use interface to configure, down load data and generate test pulses for Amantys gate drives that have been built into a converter power stack. Power Insight is a communications protocol that enables two way exchange of data over the isolation barrier in a high voltage inverter design.

The communications protocol operates at the same time as the PWM and ACK pulses without interference. Establishing communication with the gate drive allows the gate driver to be configured in situ over the fibre optic link. Gate drivers from Amantys can be configured with up to fifteen different values for the turn on and turn off gate resistors as well as fault lock out times and two or three level mode selection. Custom feedback protocols can also be accommodated.

In order to further simplify testing Amantys has included a pulse generator in the software tool that can be used to generate double pulse test waveforms through the Power Insight Adapter interface box. Using a windows PC, the converter power stack designer can now generate double pulse tests and change the gate drive configuration without the need to touch the power stack. This is essential in a high voltage environment as it lowers the risk to the converter power stack designer of repeatedly entering a high voltage area. The converter power stack designer no longer needs to disassemble the converter power stack and desolder / solder in different gate resistors speeding up the turnaround time between tests from hours to seconds.

During field operation or long term tests the Amantys gate drives record faults for short circuit events, clamp events and under voltage events. The Power Insight Configurator simplifies the process of downloading the events into a text or comma separated value (CSV) file for offline analysis by a maintenance engineer or converter power stack designer.