Amantys Power Insight tech extends fiber-optic cable lifetime



At PCIM Asia in Shanghai, Amantys will demonstrate how the successful implementation of its Amantys Power Insight communications and monitoring protocol over fibre optic links can enhance the lifetime of plastic fibre optic cables by optimising the transceiver transit power. The demonstration will take place on the Amantys stand 523 at PCIM Asia from 17-19th June 2014.

The Amantys Power Insight system automatically detects and communicates the radio signal receive strength, and moderates the transmit power to the optimum level. Optimisation of the fibre optic laser transceiver transmit power reduces the ageing effects on the connection, and can extend the cable lifetime significantly.

At PCIM Asia 2014, Amantys will demonstrate Insight communications signalling over Avago’s (NASDAQ: AVGO) 50MBd Versatile Link transmitters and receivers. Avago is the leading supplier of industrial fibre optic solutions and is working with Amantys to bring improved system information to their customers. As part of this cooperation Avago will develop a Versatile Link solution that benefits from the Amantys Power Insight capability.

Amantys Power Insight provides several important capabilities including:
• Monitoring of key system parameters at the IGBT switch during system operation
• Reporting back detailed fault codes which help the system operator understand the nature of problems in the switch
• Configuring the switching characteristics of the IGBT module remotely to match operational demands
Amantys also recently launched a new family of high-isolation voltage IGBT Drivers with gate drives able to operate IGBT Modules at 3,300V, 4,500V and 6,500V, each enhanced with advanced short circuit protection, critical for high power applications such as locomotive traction, wind turbine converters and High Voltage DC (HVDC) systems.

Commenting on the announcement, Amantys CEO Erwin Wolf said: "China is a very important market for Amantys, and it’s important that we’re at PCIM Asia to demonstrate our claims and to present our latest innovations for the intelligent control of power electronics systems.”, Wolf continued, “Our customers use Avago fibre optics in their systems widely, especially in high voltage applications, and this development is therefore of significant benefit to both companies.”

Martin Weigert, Vice President and General Manager for Industrial Fibre Products at Avago, added, “We are delighted with the rapid progress we’ve made since Avago engaged with Amantys last year and this announcement marks the first results of our partnership.”