Amantys seals agreement with German distributor GvA



Amantys' influence in international markets has grown further with the announcement of a significant partnership with Mannheim-based GvA Leistungselektronik GmbH. The distributor, developer and manufacturer of custom specific power electronics is adding the Amantys Power Drive family of gate drives to its innovative product portfolio for customers in Germany. The distribution agreement follows the announcement of the opening of Amantys' sales office in China earlier this month, with further distribution agreements in Korea, India, Spain, Russia and Turkey expected to follow in the near future. The Amantys Power Drive plug & play family of drivers offer improved creepage and clearance and isolation over alternative products in the market, with each drive configurable to operate different IGBT Modules. This greatly simplifies the purchasing and logistics process in inverter designs for applications such as wind turbines, solar farm grid ties, and medium voltage motor drives. These gate drives are available for operating voltages of 1.2 kV, 1.7 kV, 3.3 kV and 4.5kV IGBTs with a current load rating up to 3600A. They are compatible with all popular modules from ABB, Dynex, Fuji Electric, Hitachi, Infineon, Mitsubishi or Westcode/IXYS in case sizes: 190x140mm, 140x130mm and PrimePack. In addition to the standard IGBT driver functionality, with Amantys Power Insight these products also receive IGBT performance data in real-time, allowing the system engineer to monitor and log operating conditions, make long-term measurements or control the module remotely. This innovative approach to power electronics attracted the attention of GvA CEO, Werner Bresch: "With Amantys Power Insight we can receive real-time data about the performance of the system and initiate specific preventive actions if necessary, even when the system is remote and relatively inaccessible, such as in an offshore wind turbine. This makes remote diagnosis and maintenance planning more cost efficient and far easier to manage." "Building closer partnerships with the regional power electronics industry in Europe is a critical part of our long term strategy, and this agreement brings us another step closer to achieving our goals for this year," added Karen Oddey, Amantys CEO. "In GvA we have gained a partner with an outstanding reputation and track record in power electronics and we are looking forward to a successful alliance in Germany." Amantys