Ambient Light Sensors Available in Surface Mount Packages



TTI, Inc., is now stocking an expanded offering of Rohm ambient light sensors (ALS). These products are available in industry standard surface mount packages. Specifically targeted at LCD/LED displays, hand-held products and mobile devices where power consumption is critical.

ROHM ambient light sensor (ALS) ICs are designed to control the brightness of LED-backlighted LCD displays based on ambient light availability and brightness for optimum display visibility and energy efficiency.

ROHM ambient light sensor ICs are available in both analog and digital configurations. The key features of each type are application based. ROHM analog ALS ICs have an output current proportional to light (current sourcing) with a measurement range of 0 to 100,000+ lux. As shown below, in a typical application, an external resistor converts the output current to a voltage for input to an MCU which in turn controls the LED driver. Direct connection to an LED driver is also possible. ROHM Digital ALS ICs output a 16-bit (0 to ~65,535 lx) digital signal over a direct I2 C bus interface to the MCU. ROHM Semiconductor ambient light sensors all operate over a temperature range of -40 to 85°C to ensure stable operation under extreme conditions. Offering design flexibility and functionality are strong key features of Rohm’s ALS products.

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