America Semiconductor releases high-voltage, utrafast Schottky rectifier modules



Avalanche energy rated AK2S200-170 modules integrate two fully independent diodes

America Semiconductor, a leading manufacturer of state-of-the-industry high-power semiconductors, released their latest high-voltage, Schottky rectifier. The avalanche energy rated AK2S200-170 modules integrate two fully independent diodes in a compact, fully insulated, standard SOT-227 package. The diodes' structure and lifetime control support an ultrafast, soft recovery as well as superior performance, reliability and ruggedness characteristics. These 200 Amp (100 Amp per diode), single-phase modules feature a low forward voltage of 0.63 V and repetitive peak reverse voltage of 170 V. Additionally, they boast a low leakage current, high blocking voltage and high maximum operation and storage junction temperature of 150 oC.

America Semiconductor's ultrafast avalanche Schottky rectifier modules are engineered for a broad range of industrial applications in which high voltage and durability are factors. Included among their most common usages are in the output rectification stage of welding machines, switchmode power supplies (SMPS), freewheeling diodes, and DC/DC converters. Notably, the parts' low recovery current, and highly optimized stored charge, reduce both over dissipation in the switching elements (and snubbers) and EMI/RFI.

Easy to assemble and parallel, America Semiconductor's dual isolated, AK2S200-170 rectifiers are plug-in compatible with other SOT-227 packages, and may be directly mounted to heatsink. The parts are REACH approved and RoHS-compliant.

America Semiconductor