Amerlux's UV-Free, White Antimicrobial Lighting Solutions


Peace-of-Mind ActiveClean Kills Viruses, Bacteria on Surfaces

Amerlux launched an innovative, UV-free lighting solution that kills viruses, bacteria and other microbes on surfaces while providing crisp, white, comfortable illumination and meeting international standards for continual and unrestricted use around people.

ActiveClean combines Amerlux’s commercial-grade LED lighting engineering with the UV-free, antimicrobial lighting technologies of Vyv, a leading health tech company that recently announced independent testing that demonstrates its 405-nanometer (nm) lighting capabilities are effective against non-enveloped viruses, which are the most difficult to kill.

Utilizing a spectrum composed of visible light, ActiveClean works around the clock to fight off microorganisms by inhibiting their growth and ultimately destroying these microbes. The proprietary technology is ideal for high-traffic public areas where people congregate, such as bathrooms, conference rooms, collaboration spaces, kitchenettes, classrooms and doctor’s exam rooms. Various independent third-party studies have shown a reduction of more than 90% in surface contamination from ActiveClean across these settings when used continually.

Most recently, a separate third-party study demonstrated efficacy results using ranges of light in the 400-420nm range on inactivating enveloped viruses such as influenza A and SARS-CoV-2.

Currently available in Amerlux’s Linea and Grüv LED family of luminaires, ActiveClean offers two modes for providing robust, antimicrobial cleaning around the clock:

  • Single mode, which utilizes White Antimicrobial+Light to provide continuous antimicrobial activity and crisp, comfortable white task and ambient lighting in 3000K or 4000K with 80 CRI during standard working hours.
  • Dual mode, which pairs White Antimicrobial+Light with violet Enhanced Antimicrobial Light, the latter of which combines a unique blend of precisely tuned colors to deliver extra antimicrobial dosage in a single LED light diode for enhanced cleaning when spaces are vacant. Dual mode is only available in fixtures with an aperture size of 2.5" or greater. 

For more information, view the company’s lighting solutions on their site.