AMETEK GUI software supports aviation DO-160G spec



AMETEK Programmable Power, a leader in programmable AC and DC power test solutions, announced that the GUI (Graphical User Interface) software for its California Instruments AC sources now supports the aviation industry’s critical specification for RTCA DO-160G test requirements. AMETEK's GUI test software option is unique in that it is the only test software that supports all revisions of the DO-160 standard, Revisions A through G.

RTCA DO-160, “Environmental Conditions and Test Procedures for Airborne Equipment,” defines standard procedures and environmental test criteria for testing airborne avionics used in nearly all aircraft from light general aviation aircraft and helicopters to jumbo commercial jetliners. Companies use AMETEK's programmable power supplies and sources to perform a variety of DO-160 tests, including voltage and frequency tests, power interruption tests, voltage surge tests and more.

Current DO-160 option users can program their equipment to the most current revision G requirements when testing new designs or recently-manufactured aircraft. When testing older aircraft, users can program the software to use the requirements defined by previous versions of the standard. The GUI software is compliant with a wide variety of AMETEK systems, including California Instruments CSW Series, MX Series, iX and Compact iX Series, Ls/Lx Series and RS Series sources.

AMETEK Programmable Power