AMETEK RECon 1000V modular PV inverter is UL 1741 certified



AMETEK Solidstate Controls, a leader in highly customized uninterruptable power supply (UPS) systems and industrial power inverters, now offers the RECon 1000V UL Modular PV inverter, manufactured by FRIEM S.p.A. "The new RECon line provides class-leading efficiency, 1000V UL certification, and the ease of installation associated with modular design," notes John Ely, Marketing Manager for AMETEK Solidstate Controls. "With sizes ranging from 75kW up to 1MW and 6 MPPT inputs, the RECon 1000V offers commercial and utility PV integrators a full line of central inverters to accommodate any installation." The RECon 1000V is the industry's first modular PV inverter with UL 1741 certification, which covers inverters, converters, charge controllers, and interconnection systems used in standalone (non-grid connected) and grid-connected power systems. AMETEK Solidstate Controls