Amorphous-powder cores combine low core loss and high DC bias



Representing the latest in powder alloy materials, AmoFlux amorphous powder cores from Magnetics® start with a low core-loss amorphous ribbon that is pulverized into powder and then pressed into a toroid. By converting the amorphous ribbon into a powder form, the resulting AmoFlux cores have soft saturation and a combination of low core loss and high DC bias. AmoFlux is a new distributed gap material ideal for power factor correction (PFC) and various types of output chokes. These attributes make AmoFlux an excellent choice for inductors in computer, server, and industrial power supplies that require maximum efficiency at high DC currents. The core loss density of AmoFlux is significantly lower than other products, which allows for a more efficient design with less temperature rise. Magnetics Molypermalloy Powder (MPP) material has the best core loss density of the available powder core materials and AmoFlux is only 20% higher. The DC Bias of AmoFlux is similar to the company's High Flux and superior to both MPP and Kool Mu. Better DC Bias will allow higher current handling in the same size core or a smaller size core to be used to achieve the same target inductance. This combination of high DC bias and low core loss density makes AmoFlux an optimal solution for high efficiency, high power inductors. Since AmoFlux is a powder core, it has the soft saturation characteristic as our other powder cores. Samples are available in toroids ranging from 20 - 33 mm OD, and additional sizes will be added later.