Amplifier ICs Deliver High-Output Current Performance


New ICs are rated at 220V, 4A and 10A PEAK

TUCSON, Arizona, U.S.A. – The PA164 and PA165 from Apex Microtechnology establish new benchmarks for power amplifier performance in a single chip design. By combining advances in packaging technology, MOSFET technology and a proprietary silicon design, the PA164 and PA165 can deliver enhanced amplifier features that include continuous and PEAK output current and voltage supply operation not currently available in an IC form factor.
The PA164 provides 1 amp continuous and 4 amps PEAK of output current, while the PA165 can deliver 10 amps
PEAK. Both devices can work on voltage supplies up to 220 volts. At these levels of performance, thermal management for a very compact package must be managed very carefully. The design of this IC utilizes separate supplies for the amplifier core and the output stage to help optimize the overall power dissipation capabilities. In addition, both devices are housed in an QFP style package with a heat slug on top to facilitate heat sink mounting over a single device or on an array pattern of these devices. As a result, the devices are capable of dissipating up to 28 watts.

Depending on the circuit design of the end system, external components can be used to set both the optimum
gain and the bandwidth. Onboard system protection for these devices includes a user-defined, temperature
compensated current limit and a temperature sensor output. The addition of an output disable function and an over-current flag simplify the implementation of robust failure protection on the system level.

The wide range of target applications include adjustable voltage and current sources, test equipment, piezo
electric positioning, electrostatic transducers and deflection, and focusing for deformable mirrors.
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