Analog Devices gets "ahead of what's possible" at Embedded World 2016



Analog Devices, a leader in the design and manufacture of semiconductor products and solutions, will showcase their embedded technology at the international Embedded World 2016 show taking place from 23-25 February in Nuremberg, Germany − Hall 5, Booth 328. Additionally, Analog Devices will fill out its power conversion platform with the launch and introduction of its latest Mixed Signal “Dual Independent Core” Control Processor family, optimally designed for the next generation of high speed switching, solar PV inverters and electrical storage storage systems.

ADI will present the following live demonstrations at the fair:

Analog in Instrumentation and High Speed
-Multichannel Data Acquistion System for Ultra Low Power Applications. Powered by ADP5090 Energy Harvesting Ultra Low Power Boost Regulator.
-Pushing the Boundaries on Speed and Robustness: ADN4651 the World's First 600Mbps LVDS Digital Isolator.
-Transceiver AD9631: Software-defined and full flexibility that can serve different radio applications.

Analog in Industrial Internet of Things (IoT)
-Loop-powered sensor nodes diagnostic and asset control with HART-Enabled data communications.
-Energy harvesting PMU enabling energy autonomous sensor node.
-The Connected Tomato: A Sensor to Cloud Solution powererd by Thingworx. Optimised environmental controls and harvest timing to help farmers and grocers improve their supply chain.
-WSN Connected with Thingworx. The complete Internet of Things solution from Analog Devices.

Analog in Healthcare Electronics
-Wearable Health Monitoring and IoT powered by ADPD103 (Universal Optical Front-End): Heart Rate Measurement over the entire receive-and-transmit-signal chain. Ultra-low power ADXL362 3-axis motion sensor is included.
-Integrated home health monitoring system: human occupancy sensing and activity monitoring via Wi-Fi/Cloud connectivity, on-body vital signs monitoring from multiple sensors via Wi-Fi/Cloud connectivity.

Analog in Motor Control
Innovasic to demonstrate “Ethernet to the Edge”. Real-time Ethernet network connectivity for field devices, enabled by LEN-based plug-and-play Ethernet converter.

Analog in Power Control and Renewable Energy Technologies
Next generation mixed signal control processors optimised for solar applications. Integration simplified, while reducing system cost and maintaining full compliance with VDE-AR-N4105.

Analog Devices