Analog Devices' Programmable LED Driver Enables Independent Control of Nine LED Sinks



Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI), released for general availability today the ADP8866 LED charge pump backlight driver, which features independent control of nine LED current sinks, programmable LED blinking sequences and low operating current drain. Independent LED control allows designers to program different currents for each channel and enable them at different times. This feature allows the convenient control of backlighting LEDs and status indicator LEDs with one part. Programmable fade on/off and blinking sequences allow complex LED effects to be generated automatically, saving processor bandwidth and power. A built-in charge pump automatically adjusts its gain to efficiently power the LEDs under all conditions.

Requiring less than 1 μA during standby and less than 325 μA during automated blinking sequences, the ADP8866 programmable LED driver's low power consumption and simplified software interface make it an excellent choice for portable systems which require a high number of LEDs that need to be independently controlled. Such requirements are commonly found in keypad lighting, LCD lighting and analysis lighting applications. Evaluation boards are available, providing engineers with the necessary tools to implement their designs quickly and efficiently. ADP8866 LED Backlight Driver Key Features and Benefits:
  • LED control allows different currents for each channel at different times.
  • Programmable fade on/off and blinking sequences automates complex fade and blinking sequences extending battery life and saving I2C bandwidth.
  • Automatic charge pump gain selection of 1X, 1.5X, and 2X enables maximum efficiency.
  • LFCSP package reduces board space and simplifies board layout.
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