Analog Devices to highlight motor control and solar photovoltaic inverter solutions at PCIM 2014



Analog Devices, a leader in high-performance semiconductors for signal processing applications, will demonstrate a broad portfolio of smartly integrated solutions that optimise system performance and show the development and rapid prototyping of solutions and tools at this year’s PCIM 2014 show taking place from 20-22 May in Nuremberg, Germany. Analog Devices will be present in Hall 6, Stand 326.

“Both large and small customers are increasing the speed of their design cycles and time to market through low-touch mechanisms,” said Anders Frederiksen, Segment Marketing Manager, Motor and Power Control. “Together with our strategic industry alliance partners, Mathworks®, Boston Engineering®, ARM® and others, Analog Devices provides design engineers with easy-to-use graphical based design tools and system level understanding that make their design challenges easier.”

With over 45 years of signal processing experience, ADI products are found in a wide range of applications with a special emphasis on optimizing energy efficiency in industrial automation, alternative energy, and building technologies using the latest advancements in motor and power control products and techniques.

Analog Devices will unveil a number of in-booth technology demonstrations that will include feedback and sensing, isolation of control and interface, power management, communication and data processing for motor control and solar photovoltaic inverter applications.

Demonstrations include:
• The Motor Control and Photovoltaic demonstrations include ADI’s high-performance Mixed-signal Control Processor (ADSP-CM40x) controlling multiple high-precision servos in conjunction with best-in-class front-end control, isolation and power signal processing solutions.
• The current and voltage sense demonstration will put the spotlight on new additions to the ADI product family that play an important role in many high performance current sense applications including FPGA (Xilinx®) based and ADI analog frontends used in more complex controller platforms.
• The advanced digital power demonstrations showcase ADI’s advanced digital controllers designed for isolated DC-to-DC power conversion control and the benefits of Power Factor Correction (PFC). The ADP105x digital controllers with PMBus™ interface combined with ADI iCoupler® digital isolation technology offer customers high accuracy telemetry and the ability to optimize efficiency at a system level. There will be a live demo of the ADP1055 in a 240W DC-to-DC power supply.
• Fast, accurate and reliable network communications is a vital part of any industrial automated system. Analog Devices will feature an optimized real-time Ethernet protocol support integrated with a Permanent Magnet (PM) motor control application using ADI’s recently released Mixed-signal Control Processor (ADSP-CM408F), in partnership with FPGA solutions from Altera® and Xilinx®.

Highlights at the show include:
20th May:
• Maximum Power Limit for Withstand Insulation Capability of IGBT/MOSFET Gate Drivers – Dr.-Ing. Bernhard Strzalkowski, Senior Power Systems Applications Engineer
22nd May:
• Generation of Multiple Isolated Bias Rails for 1GBT Inverters using Flyback/SEPIC/Cuk Combination - Robert Zwicker, Motor Control/Power Applications Engineer
• Model Based Design Tools in Closed Loop Motor - Dara O’Sullivan, Systems Engineer, Motor & Power Control
• Digital Control Methods to Improve LLC Resonate Converter Light Load Mode Operation and Implement Synchronous Rectifier Gate Drive - Qingyi Huang, Chunyu Hou, Renjian Xie, Senior Application Engineers, Analog Devices
• Optimising Power Consumption of Embedded Systems using Smart Power Supply Solutions - Berhard Strzalkowski (Analog Devices), Norbert Schönitz (Research Associate, Frauhofer IIS), Wilhelm Winterstein (Research Associate, Fraunhofer IIS)

Experts from Analog Devices will make a further two presentations during the Exhibitor Forum:
• Precision Motor Control Current Measurement with Analog Devices AD7403 Isolated SD Modulator - Nicola O’Byrne, System Architect, Motor & Power Control; Industrial and Instrumentation Segment
• State machine based isolated digital DC to DC converter with black-box functionality – Dipl.-Ing. Frederik Dostal, Power Management Business Marketing

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