Analytics Platform for Industrial Control Systems Security



McLean, VA—Cynash Inc. announces the commercial availability of its Cynalytic analytics appliance for serial communications-based ICS/SCADA control networks. The combination of Cynalytic and Cynash’s SerialTap sensors brings new visibility and analysis to serial communications—shedding light on ICS cyber blindspots and helping to reduce the risk of cyber-physical damage to this critical infrastructure. Units will be ready to ship on July 9, 2019.

“Cynalytic acts as an intrusion detection system and behavioral monitoring tool for legacy serial communications in (ICS) control networks,” says Cynash CEO Richard Robinson. “Remarkably, these systems still make up a significant amount of the control environments for energy, chemical processing, water management and many other industrial applications. Bringing this product to market—in combination with our SerialTap sensor—is a significant step toward addressing several of the persistent cybersecurity challenges that are affecting the safe operation of our critical infrastructure.”

Cynalytic consists of a rack-mount hardware appliance, along with all the application software needed to set up, manage and analyze data, and includes a powerful suite of data visualization and dashboard tools to help users monitor and make sense of historically unmonitored and unprotected serial communications.

Its device and data management capabilities include:

  • Remote configuration and management of sensors
  • Encryption and authentication of monitored data
  • Serial traffic alert monitoring and deep packet inspection of ICS protocol data
  • Industrial system health monitoring
  • Asset and cluster management—and more

Adversaries have repeatedly demonstrated the ability to infiltrate and interfere with the physical operations of industrial control systems, disrupting real-world operations across industries like energy, water and transportation. Until now, ICS serial communications have gone unmonitored—leaving critical infrastructure owners and operators vulnerable.

Cynalytic analyzes serial communications data using Cynash’s patented SerialTap sensors. With Cynalytic, ICS operators now have a powerful tool to identify and detect intrusions and other operational field device issues—helping them mitigate the risk of cyber-physical damage to industrial control systems and maintain ICS health.

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