Anchor Design Workflow with One-Click RISA Integration


Amid global social distancing restrictions, Hilti focuses enables customers with digital services and resources including offering online anchor design course

Hilti has streamlined the anchor and base plate design workflow for PROFIS Engineering Suite users by integrating the cloud-based software with RISAConnection. The agreement with RISA Tech, Inc., a structural design software developer, affirms Hilti’s investment in collaborating with external partners to better leverage new technologies and solutions from the outside.

PROFIS Engineering helps handle the calculations and analysis of the different elements of a steel to concrete connection including base material and anchors, with easier iteration and thorough documentation. Now, RISAConnection and PROFIS Engineering Premium Suite work together to streamline the workflow and simplify the design process for engineers and specifiers. PROFIS Engineering is integrated to import connection configurations and load combinations quicker and more accurately, thereby helping reduce errors and saving up to an hour or more on designs. Previously, users would manually input this information for each load combination. You can calculate the anchors for your design while also checking your base plate at the same time. Additionally, you can export the design report back to RISAConnection to create a comprehensive calculation package.

“Integrating with RISA to deliver a seamless experience further enables our customers to simplify the entire anchor design process, not just one touch point. With the integration, they’ll notice less duplication, better collaboration and more accurate designs,” said David Crawford, Technical Marketing Director at Hilti North America. “Additionally, we are here for our customers and are working to find ways to enable them digitally, which is especially important nowadays as we adapt to remote working across the country. Providing an online anchor course and digital access to our experts is essential. This is yet another example of how Hilti is providing customers continued and reliable service.”

“We are excited to align with an organization that shares our values in providing a complete and effective solution,” said Debbie Penko, Chief Operating Officer of RISA. “Hilti has proven to be an industry leader in construction software and services and we commend them for acting to improve workflow and the design process for its customers.”

Hilti customers can learn and experience the benefits of the RISA plugin for PROFIS Engineering by joining the Anchor 207 Webinar: Integrating Steel and Concrete Anchorage Design. The webinar is presented in collaboration with RISA Tech, Inc.

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