Anderson Power Products' Saf-D-Grid family registered with EMerge Alliance



APP Saf-D-Grid DC power connection system

Anderson Power Products is pleased to announce “Registered Product” status with the EMerge Alliance for their Saf-D-Grid® DC power connection system. APP introduced Saf-D-Grid in January 2009 as an appliance power connector for server, telecommunication, and other devices operating up to 600 VDC.

EMerge Alliance is an open industry association leading the rapid adoption of safe DC power distribution and has published a standard for 380 (+/- 190) VDC power distribution systems for use in data centers and telecom central offices.

Benefits include:
2 to 10 times more reliable
7 to 15% more energy efficient
10 to 33% less space required
Up to 30% reduction in maintenance
6 to 10% lower CAPEX equipment costs
Simplified integration of on-site energy generation and storage

Saf-D-Grid provides a critical link in the broad scale adoption of 380 VDC power distribution systems in data / telecom centers by providing a safe power interconnect for power supplies, power distribution units, and peripheral devices. The Saf-D-Grid is size compatible with the IEC 320 C13 and C14 AC connection system standard 19.9mm by 26.8mm panel cut out. It is the only connector system so sized that is UL rated for safe disconnect of a 400 VDC, 20 amp load.

User safety and DC arc protection is achieved through proper voltage clearance and unique geometries which minimize the severity and duration of arcing while shielding the operator. Both plug and receptacle sides of the connection are touch safe per UL 60950 and IEC 60950 to protect the user from capacitance in the line. An integral latching system prevents accidental disconnect improving safety and reliability. Saf-D-Grid meets international safety requirements for hazardous, low voltage applications per UL 1977 and IEC 61984.

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