Applications Processors Meet High-Performance Industrial Display Requirements



Mouser Electronics, Inc., is now stocking the AM571x Sitara applications processors from Texas Instruments(TI). These ARM Cortex-based devices achieve high levels of processing and are designed to meet the intense processing needs of modern embedded applications, including industrial communications, human-machine interface (HMI), and automation and control.

TI’s AM571x Sitara processors, available from Mouser Electronics, combine programmable video processing with a highly integrated peripheral set. Programmability is provided by a single-core ARM Cortex-A15 reduced instruction set computer (RISC) CPU with Neon extensions and a TI C66x floating-point DSP core. The ARM processor allows developers to keep control functions separate from vision algorithms programmed on the DSP and co-processors, which results in a reduction of system software complexity.

The processors offer up to 512 Kbytes of level 3 (L3) RAM plus L3 and L4 interconnects, as well as a DDR3/DDR3L memory interface module that supports up to DDR-1333 (667 MHz) memory with up to 2 Gbytes across a single chip select function. A robust display subsystem supports 1080p  HD video plus 2D and 3D graphics. Other features include two dual-core programmable real-time units, a general purpose memory controller, enhanced direct memory access (DMA) control, sixteen 32-bit general-purpose timers, and a 32-bit watchdog timer.

The AEC-Q100-qualified processors are supported by four development tools, also available from Mouser. The TMDSEVM572x evaluation module features a 7-inch touch screen and works in conjunction with the TMDSCM572x camera evaluation module to accelerate development of HMI and other applications. The TMDXIDK57x-LCD industrial development kit includes a 10.1-inch LCD display that supports 10-point capacitive touch for display and touch applications. The TMDXIDK5718 industrial development kit ships with a camera daughter card and offers simultaneous six-port Ethernet plus integrated industrial Ethernet and fieldbus protocols.

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